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Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

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Transition to MiWorkspace Begins September 30

MiWorkspace, a new shared service for desktop computing and desktop support across campus, will be rolled out to AEC this fall. Last week, all F&O employees received an email from Hank Baier, Associate Vice President for F&O, introducing you to MiWorkspace.

On Monday, August 12, all AEC employees will receive an email outlining several action items with due dates that need to be completed prior to the transition to MiWorkspace. Each of you will be responsible for completing these action items for your workstation. The email will contain a very detailed unit-specific Get Ready Checklist, as well as links to the AEC MiWorkspace web page. The AEC MiWorkspace web page contains unit specific information about this new shared service.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the AEC MiWorkspace team members (Jim Dormal, Deanna Mabry and Mary Krasny).

Thank you for your support and cooperation as we move forward with this important Business & Finance key initiative.


Your Action Items

Action Deadline
Complete the MiWorkspace Prep Tool 5 p.m. 8/23
Make your passwords identical
Prevent any disruption logging in to your computer
5 p.m. 10/3
Manage where you store data
Don't lose any files

Visit the Get Ready Checklist to learn more.

Your Transition Date

Find your exact transition date or see the F&O Transition Schedule At-A-Glance.

Resources to Stay Informed

The MiWorkspace website is a wonderful resource that can provide you with a host of information and will updated throughout this process.

Communication Archive

The Communication Archive contains messages sent to staff regarding MiWorkspace.

Your Leadership Team

Your leadership team is working very closely with the MiWorkspace team to ensure the best possible transition experience. You can learn more about their specific roles and responsibilities by reading the Unit Leadership document.